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Ashley Morera is a Florida Native.  Ashley started painting in her 20's to escape a stressful job.  She did not think she was talented as an artist until her family and friends kept asking her to paint for them.  Over the years her artwork has evolved and her passion for art has soared.  She started with basic acrylic paint.  Now Ashley works with acrylic, resin, and other mixed mediums. Ashley carefully selects colors and mediums that breathe life into her artwork.  She enjoys adding unique materials such as caulk, silicone, sand, glitter, and more.

She also has a passion for digital art.  Ashley enjoys creating artwork that moves the soul.  Her art expresses her life story times of pleasure and challenges.  She finds inspiration in many different things.  


Outside of the art world, Ashley is  part owner of a medical clinic in Tampa with her fiance that specializes in aesthetics, wellness, and weight loss.  Ashley had a vision for the clinic to have a modern art gallery type vibe.  Many patients constantly commented on the artwork asking if it was for sale and shortly after she decided to start selling her pieces.  Ashley has a passion for helping others, so she donates portion of all proceeds to local charities.  Ashley lives with her fiance and 3 dogs! In her spare time she paints, cooks, and loves driving cars on the track.  

Ashley Morera 

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